Supporting Mary Todd

May 04, 2022

Supporting Mary Todd for Montana's District 1 Congressional seat is a vote for fresh ideas and a fresh perspective.  The old guard has proven they don't work for Montanans, they work for themselves; choosing a candidate that cannot win will not serve our state; and electing one who is an outlier to the party would be political disaster for the republican party. 

Mary has served in many leadership roles.  As a strong conservative, a true conservative, she will fight against a corrupt government and its corrupt officials, and she has a track record to prove it.  She has fought against a court system that jailed her for praying outside an abortion clinic.  The courts gave her a 30-day jail sentence, then fined her $500 rather than put her in jail.  When she refused to pay $500 to a corrupt judicial system, she was jailed on murder row for choosing to assert her 1st Amendment rights.   While serving her 30 days she had the opportunity to pray with several inmates, many who accepted Christ.

Mary is a courageous woman. If you have read her book Hard Drive a Family's Fight Against Three Countries, you will see she is not afraid of the ruling elite and has named names.  It is time we made a change from the status quo to new perspectives, from lies to truth, from self-serving to serving Montana and the United States of America. 

Primaries are just a month away, June 7th.  Don't just vote for a name or a status; vote for truth, vote for change, VOTE MARY TODD.